I hear you ask how can I motivate myself well read on:


What motivates us? Well for many it can be fear, jealousy or passion. These are all emotions and as people we rarely do anything without having an emotion attached to it. Emotions are powerful motivators. For example Fear can keep you unmotivated, it can also be draining as you are unable to put your goals into action. However, The biggest motivators are:

Progress – seeing a move towards your goal. Create bitesize steps to your goal with realistic time scales for achievement towards your main goal.

“Life satisfaction is 22% more likely to those with a steady stream of minor accomplishments than those who express interest in major accomplishments”. Orlick 1998

Success Stories – Read how other people have achieved their goal this will motivate you to achieve yours too.

Keep to one goal at a time – it is easier to focus on one main goal broken down than several large goals.

Make it fun – The more enjoyable it is the easier it will be to accomplish your goal. You are less likely to give up.


  • See the good things in life
  • Make every day count
  • Imagine & visualise where you want to be in life
  • Love yourself for who you are
  • Everyone is entitled to be happy